About Centerfield

Bunge’s U.S. milling business launched Centerfield in 2011 to identify hybrids that would enhance corn quality and establish traceability from farm to end-user.  Several years later, the program has expanded into a sustainable agriculture initiative.

Centerfield crops include: high oleic soy and canola, conventional and non-GMO corn, non-GMO soy, and rice.  Bunge’s merchandising managers meet with participating growers to collect data such as rainfall and irrigation, fertilizer trips, soil texture and land use, and tillage practices – all through an iPad.  GHG emissions, energy and other metrics from the farm operations are calculated. Bunge anonymously shares the aggregated information with participating growers and food customers who are interested in learning more about their supply chain.  Participating growers also have access to their farm data.

Centerfield is beneficial to growers and the food industry alike.  For growers:  You can learn more about Bunge’s initiatives, consumer trends and sustainable agriculture and connect your farms to food companies.  For the food industry: Centerfield offers insight into farm operations, supply chain traceability and an opportunity to be more engaged with growers. 

For more information, please email BNA.sustainability@bunge.com or your regional Bunge representative.